IIIDBody Scan
Worlds First Turnkey Solution

Fully automatic IIID Body Scanner with well developed back end for E-Commerce integration. Scan and get 3D print ready file, or measurement or VR html output for web presentation in minutes.


Size 1.7 x 1.7 x 2.1 meter
Number of sensors 10;
Setup Time 1 hour
Scanning speed 4 Seconds
3D Print Ready 12 Minutes
Throughput 120 People/Hour

IIIDBody Scan - Means Business

This body scanner was designed with effective business in mind. Not only it is fully automated and very cost efficient, it has sophisticated back-end for simple and effective integration in any business solution.

We developed complete tool chain and prepared for every eventuality, from custom color profiles for your 3D printer to custom basplates, to make it easyer for our customers to start effective business as soon as possible.

One Click-Many Features

  • Scan
    Scan people quickly and accurately, any clothes, any colors any hair stile. Get results in minutes and automaticaly deliver previev to customers.
  • Print
    Produce 3D Selfie-Figurines on a customised auto-fited base plate. Create personalized items and novelty gifts
  • Measure
    Obtain accurate and reliable measurements for apparel and custom design closes, uniforms, sports body protection and body armour
  • Play
    Automaticaly prepare and rig 3D game characters, virtual reality personalities and hologramic vizualisations