IIIDBody Trailer
Mobile IIID Scanning Solution

Perfect solution for large and outdoors events. Provide unique services, go where clients are, or make powerful marketing campagne statement.

IIIDBody Trailer - Mobile Business

Body Scanner Trailer was designed for those cases when it is impossible to set IIID booth. It could be large outdoors events, concerts, events with limited interior space, or even wedings. The trailer opens up new business oportunities - it goes where clients are.

One Click-Many Features

  • Scan
    Scan people quickly and accurately, any clothes, any colors any hair stile. Get results in minutes and automaticaly deliver previev to customers.
  • Print
    Produce 3D Selfie-Figurines on a customised auto-fited base plate. Create personalized items and novelty gifts
  • Measure
    Obtain accurate and reliable measurements for apparel and custom design closes, uniforms, sports body protection and body armour
  • Play
    Automaticaly prepare and rig 3D game characters, virtual reality personalities and hologramic vizualisations