IIIDBody Scan-booth
Instant Solution For Amusement
Arts & Rectreation Industry

Tailor Made Look

Designed to Meet Your Business Needs

  • Small footprint and modern design, developed to fit any available space and venue.
  • Custom skins allows to customise IIIDBody booth for special events and public holidays like Easter, Christmas and other events
  • Modular design allows easy integration in existing or specially design attractions
  • Simplicity of operation guaranties easy addoption by your team.
  • Cloud integration and integrated remote monitoring and maintenance makes operation smooth and delay free.

Maintain Competitive Edge

  • eye catching design
  • fun, hassle free operation
  • sacalable and robust to various sizes and poses
  • end to end automated

Scan People in High Volumes

  • take advantage of the cloud based service
  • build flexible revenue model
  • convert scans into multiple purchase orders
  • stay connected with your customers 24/7

E-Commerce Integrated Scan-Booth
Specialy Designed for Large Attendance


Hyper-Realistic Individual 3D Avatar View on any mobile device. Share in social media and tune-up digital presence..


3D Selfie-Figurine on a custom auto-fit base plate Create personalized items and novelty gifts.


Obtain accurate measurements and offer your visitors custom costumes, party and carnival closes or enchance their customized online shopping experience.


Animated 3D model Travel in Space and Time. Explore virtual words and augmented reality.

Booth Dimentions
1.7m x 1.7m
Scan Time
4 seconds
Print Ready
12 minutes
Scan Time
120 people/hour



Miniature Theme Park Madurodam

Madurodam Miniature Theme Park

Location: Hague, Netherlands
Size: 17.633 square meters
356 Days open per year
6-11 Hours open per day
>750 000 Visitors per year

IIIDBodyScan-Booth KPI's

Proven stable concept (roll-out July2014)
Measured maximum of 730 scans/day
All season average 350 scans/day
Print-to-Scan Ratio 8-10%
Fast movers:10-15cm full color figurines

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