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E-Commerce Integrated Body Scanning
Worlds First Turnkey Solution

Complete turn-key 3D Body Scanning solution for figurine printing, apparel measurements, 3D games and more.

Real Time/Handheld Scanning
Scanning Made Fun

Accurate, reliable and easy to use hand held 3D scanner based on PrimeSense technology. Useful for both beginners and experts, must have for any digital specialist.

Photo VR
Perfect E-Commerce Solution

PhotoVR is a must have tool for E-Commerce specialist. Make and post online 360 interactive product visualizations with ease and professional quality.

Structured Light Solutions
Ultimate Scanning Solution

Flexible, reliable and highly accurate 3D scanning solutions based on structured light principle.Mephisto 3D scanners are well tested in the field, extremely robust and reliable.

Making Impossible
Scanning Masses

One hour, one scanner, 120 scans.

We did that. And not for just one hour. IIIDBody scanner was churning hundreds of scan hour after hour, day after day.

Now imagine it at your location -scanning hundreds of people per hour, thousand per day. That is what we call business opportunity. And to make things better - it is 100 % turn-key, e-commerce ready.


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Wide range of solutions for successful enterprises.

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What People
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This results are amazing! They were so quick to respond and work really hard!
I highly recommend working with them. Brings results!

Jane Doe - Corporation.

What People
Say About Us

I have been extremely impressed with 4DD. It is a pleasure working
hihly creative and inovative team.

John Smith - Company

What People
Say About Us

I love 4DD. Absolutely amazing results and experience creating results.
An environment where you interact with
incredible talent!

Somebody Somebody - The Company

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Wide range of solutions for successful enterprises.

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Office Manager

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CTO / Founder

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Chief R&D

Chris Hermans
Chief Real Time Computing

Stijn Ligot
Chief Sys Admin

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